• Our Sustainable Engagement

    Our events are fun and a great way for groups of friends to let off steam. They also allow our participants to (re)discover our mountains.
    We believe that such events are precious opportunities for our trekkers to realize how precious and fragile our environment is and to share in our social values.

  • Reforestation partnership

    200 trees were planted in collaboration with the Reforestacion society to counterbalance our carbon footprint


    One step closer toward the eco responsible trek!

    This year, Startrekk' funded the plantation of 200 trees in the South of France, next to our beautiful French mountains: the Pyrénées, in partnership with the association Reforestaction in order to balance our trek' carbon footprint. Every year, we try to reduce our footprint as much as possible, while keeping the comfort you are looking for when sharing this adventure with us. Every year, we try to renew and find new financial and material partners with companies and associations that take care of our environment and society.

    You sorted your waste, we redid it after you to be sure everything is in the right place. All of us helped and cleaned the pyrénées' paths by picking up garbage. Our food leftovers were given to "les restos du coeur" and our organic waste, to local farmers.

    Congratulations everybody, participants of our Welcome to paRAIDise 2019, because thanks to all of your efforts, your carbon footprint was 3 times smaller than an average French's one.

    Why are we doing this? In order to share with you our love for nature, and our want to respect and protect it. If we take on the idea of our founder, Star Trekk' is like a travel agency that makes you reconnect with nature, while outdoing yourself both physically and emotionally with your friends!




    Un pas de plus vers l’eco-raid !

    Cette année Star Trekk’ a financé la plantation de 200 arbres dans le sud de la France, près de nos belles montagnes des Pyrénées, en partenariat avec l’association Reforestaction pour compenser l’empreinte carbone de notre Trekk’.

    Chaque année nous essayons de réduire un maximum cette empreinte tout en essayant de garder le confort que vous attendez en partageant l’aventure avec nous. Chaque année nous essayons de renouveler et de trouver de nouveaux partenariats financiers et matériels avec des entreprises et associations respectueuses de l’environnement et de notre société.

    Vous avez trié vos déchets, nous les avons retrié derrière vous pour être sûrs qu’ils soient revalorisés. Nous avons tous participé à nettoyer les chemins des montagnes des Pyrénées en ramassant chaque déchet sur notre passage. Nos restes alimentaires ont été distribués aux Restos du cœur et nos déchets organiques aux fermiers du coin !

    Bravo à vous, participants du Welcome to paRAIDise 2019, car grâce à vos efforts vous avez eu une empreinte carbone plus de 3 fois inférieure à celle du Français moyen !

    Pourquoi nous faisons ça ? Pour vous faire partager notre amour de la nature et notre volonté de la respecter et de la protéger. Si on reprend l’idée de notre fondateur, Star Trekk’ est comme une agence de voyage qui vous fait vous reconnecter avec la nature tout en vous dépassant physiquement et émotionnellement avec vos potes !


  • Star Trekk's 4 Rs

    Reporting-Reducing-Repairing-Raising awareness


    We establish our carbon footprint thanks to Toovalu. Here are the footprints of our previous events:


    Winter PaRaidise 1st edition: 5.54 tonnes of CO2 equivalent

    Welcome to PaRaidise 6th edition: 3.47t CO2e

    Welcome to PaRaidise 5th edition : 3.11t CO2e

    Welcome to PaRaidise 4th edition : 3.81t CO2e

    Welcome to PaRaidise 3th edition : 4.03t CO2e


    - We travel between Paris and the location of our events on rails, not on the road. This decision to take the train instead of the bus, though costly and constraining, allows us to reduce our carbon footprint drastically. In fact, the train emits 10 times less CO2 per kilometer traveled than the bus.

    - We use eco-cups and compostable cutlery

    - We give our food suplus to local charities

    - And of course we sort our waste


    Once again, Star Trekk' worked with Pur Projet to compensate its emission for last year's Welcome to PaRaidise. Since the foundation of the student union, we strive to have a neutral carbon balance.

    In 2017, we planted trees in Peru in order to help in the preservation of the Amazon Rain Forest, one of Earth's natural carbon sinks. More than 3 tonnes of CO2 where therefore compensated.


    Raising Awareness

    The implication of students in favor of sustainability is at the heart of our project. We do so through various means:

    - by teaching the right waste sorting practices

    - Sustainability Challenges are part of our scoring system

    - monthly articles on our Facebook page

  • Here is our Green Book for more details on our Sustainability Strategy

    We poured lots of love into it... The 2018 version is coming ;)

  • Ecofest Label

    Every year, the association ImpAct certifies events ranging from the Salon de l'écologie to... our Trekk'! 

    The audit is realized in accordance with criteria defined by ADERE. It handles different criterions such as food, communication, location, transport, bedding, and awareness raising. 

  • Our social engagement

    We are proud to work with Wintegreat to help in the integration of refugees into a normal student life!
    Each year, Welcome to PaRaidise is the one and only event from ESCP Europe that welcomes a refugees team.